The Most Fun Repetitive Game You Can Play: Rocket League

It took me a long ass time to get into Rocket League. My friends had all told me to buy it and I couldn’t justify spending twenty dollars on it. I had heard the gist of it but otherwise it sounded mediocre and I had FIFA so who cares? I continued my life without vehicular soccer until February 17, then a friend of mine texted me to tell me Rocket League was free on Xbox Store. I proceeded to download it and played my first game.

I was instantly caught up in it. The arenas where massive for so few players and fortunately everyone I was playing with online were terrible. I ended my first game with a hat trick and an assist. I then joined my friend in the lobby and we played a standard game. The experience with a party is unlike any other game I have played. It’s fast-paced, frustrating and a hell of a lot of fun. A game with a party is filled with cursing and demands for an assist (sometimes saying “Oh shit…” if you destroy an enemy car or score a wild goal.) Rocket League forces tactical thinking and teamwork making it a game that heavily relies on team chemistry if you want to succeed but it is possible to lone wolf it.

There are three popular game modes that  majority of players seem to gravitate to. First there is 4v4, the game mode mentioned above. This is a basic soccer game in which four players on each team face head to head to score goals in creative and fun ways. There is also Rumble. This game mode has the comical power ups of “Spy vs. Spy,” the destructive intent of “Twisted Metal” and the core gameplay of a 4v4 game mode. This mode relies on the power ups you automatically receive after a timer runs out. You use the power ups to control the ball or harm the enemy player as you try to score. The final game mode is Hoops, a basketball style game in which the goal is now a basketball hoop that slightly hovers above the ground. Out of the listed game types, I would consider this the most challenging.

For being what it is, Rocket League has a very in-depth customization system. You can choose your car and mess with the color, even customizing the paint from matte to sun damaged. Cars also come with trims and kits to change and personalize it to your desire. Another option includes flags from hundreds of countries or some of your favorite games like “Gears of War” and “Portal.” The last choice is your car topper, which varies from a sombrero to the iconic character from the video game “Worms.” When it comes to options, the world is your oyster.

The problem of this game lies in some of the mechanics. It is not necessarily a game anyone pick can pick up. What I mean by that is the game controls are fairly difficult to jump into. Scoring is based on accuracy and timing when your car jumps and flips forward. This takes a while to get used to as it does not seem natural in physics. It is superbly easy to miss the ball completely when trying to jump to stop the ball or shoot. Also the driving itself is very wide, it is nearly impossible to make sharp turns especially when going full speed. This can be very disorienting and difficult on fast breaks. The final complaint comes from the camera, you have the choice of free camera or locking on to the ball. When you aren’t locked on you can lose the ball without ever knowing where it was in the first place. You are almost forced to lock on to the ball but whenever the ball goes sky high the camera follows and you can no longer see where you are going.

When it comes to the brass tacks, this is a great game. We rate it 8.75/10. Rocket League is pure fun, whether you’re playing a standard 4v4 or hashing it out with a party in Rumble mode this game never gets old. It’s a source of endless trick shots and frustrating muffs. It has flaws that are easily overlooked by amazing customization and extraordinary game modes. If the question was whether or not you should buy the Rocket League, the answer is yes, buy it on your PC and console then tell your friends to.



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